Mediation has been a successful dispute resolution method in Europe and America for more than 40 years.

It is a dispute-solving method whereby the dispute in question is controlled by both parties (as opposed to arbitration), in disputes which are generally of a civil-law nature. Mediators may be appointed by instititions or jointly appointed by the mediators.

The institutions to appont mediators may be IMI, ICC, or Singapore Mediation Center. The parties which are subject to the dispute are offered an opportunity to negotiate the matter under the supervision of the mediator. The mediator will be assisting, when necessary, in communications between the parties and setting up the relevant documents. In response to the increasing demand for this method globally, the United Nations Commission on Trade Law (UNCITRAL) has organized the 2019 Singapore Mediation Convention, which has paved the way for international recognition and enforcement of decisions reached by mediation.

Potentia Legis mediation areas of expertise

Family Mediation
Mediation in Labor Law
Commercial Mediation
Investment Mediation
Intercultural Mediation
Cross-Border Mediation
Accident Damage and Compensation Mediation