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Potentia Legis provides effective legal services in this field of family law with our specialised legal experts.

Within the scope of Family and International Family Law; prepares the goods regime contracts to be applied to spouses before marriage, conducts compensation lawsuits against the material and moral damages arising from the deterioration of the engagement relationship, conducts the annotation proceedings of the family residence on the land registry, prepares divorce protocols for the parties in disputed divorce cases, alimony, custody, custody and intangible divorce cases. compensation, to defend their clients with demands liquidation of the property regime, the unity of marriage except in open proceedings to establish the kindship between children born with the father, adoption, guardian or trustee assignments and turn the paternity denial proceedings, recognition in an other land, Turkish citizens living in divorce cases seen in the countries they live in courts abroad and enforcement proceedings. She is  involved in sensitive cases that involve domestic violence, child abuse and additionally takes responsibility for voluntary work in the transfer and monitoring of incidents to the relevant authorities.