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All of the laws that regulate business and working life are called business law. The remedial provisions for employee law, which began to gain meaning after the industrial revolution, became an important issue after the increasing importance of human rights. Labor law is the law that protects both the employee and the employer and regulates their relations with the state. The provisions between the law and the employee and the employer are determined and in case of any dispute, the dispute between the two parties is resolved.
One of the most important features of labor law is the protection of workers’ rights. Since the ancient times, the abuse of labor and the pressure of employers on their employees have been the subject of debate. A clear and comprehensible system is envisaged regarding how to regulate the relationship between labor law and employee and employer. Thus, a clearer network of relationships has been created for both the employee and the employer. In this respect, it is possible to count the main features of labor law as follows:
The first feature is the protection of workers’ labor and rights. Employees may exercise their legal rights if the employer is treated inappropriately by the employer and extorts the rights provided by the state.
There are some mandatory rules in the labor law in favor of the worker. The employer must comply with these rules. For example, provisions to pay the minimum minimum wage to the employee are mandatory.
In case of any hesitation or problem between the employer and the worker provided that it is within the boundaries of labor law, solutions are brought in favor of the employer.
It contains articles that protect workers’ rights to join management through unions.
The priority of labor law is to protect the rights of the employee and to protect his personality. The contract between the employer and the worker is limited to a field of responsibility consisting of the requirements of the job. A request and order other than this responsibility may not be met by the worker.
Business law resembles mixed law. There are also special provisions in the law, where the state is also involved.