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Potentia Legis is an internationally oriented, Dutch-based law and mediation firm specialising in the areas of International Company Law, Family Law, Dutch Business Law and Dutch Criminal Law. We provide transparent and made-to-measure, solution-orientated services to our clients in the field of (inter)national law and legal mediation.

About Tenzile Erdal

Tenzile Erdal has had a passion for and expertise in International Law since 1998. She is both a mediator and legal arbitrator with more than 20 years experience in the fields of jurisdiction and mediation to expert jurists, and is also a successful negotiator in criminal court cases.

In the course of her career Tenzile has completed extensive training for certification as an instructor-trainer in the field of intercultural mediation. Her legal background combined with her mediation skills and expertise make her into of the leading mediators in her field in the Netherlands.

Tenzile’s success formula is based on the use of alternative dispute resolution methods in (international) family law cases and in matters of dispute resolution. Tenzile Erdal practices her expertise as a judicial mediator in all Courthouses affiliated with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and in the High Court of Appeals in Amsterdam.